Trending Gele Styles for Nigerian Brides

The Gele (African head wrap) goes back to hundreds of years prior. In those days, it was an image of riches, any lady wearing it would as a rule hail from a renowned family. The headwrap ‘gele’ turns a ‘invisible girl’ to an African princess in a flash. In this article we’ll show you the various gele styles for Nigerian brides ways you can decorate them in pictures.

gele styles for Nigerian brides

What is Gele?

Gele (pronounced gay_lay) is a Yoruba term for a woman’s head wrap. This piece of clothing can be as simple as a scarf-like head-tie or bandana, to being as elaborate as the arched train of a peacock. A very sophisticated gele is usually spurned from a fabric made specifically for that purpose.

gele styles for Nigerian brides

In the Western Region of Nigeria, women can often be seen in their traditional attire of “Buba“, an airy type blouse with long sleeve, and “Iro” the wrapper that’s tied on top of the buba. To complete this whole attire, a woman will wear a head wrap (usually in matching fabric). This headwrap is called as ‘Gele‘.

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The ‘gele’ is ideal for styling ‘Iro and buba’ (‘Top and Wrapper’) as it offers a significant expression when tied great. Gele is tied in different ways based on how the bride love it; little, medium or incredibly enormous/champion. The most complimenting ones incorporate the ones will painstakingly layered/masterminded covers in front or along the edge as the go with most face shapes.

gele styles for brides

In case you are looking for different styles of gele for your occasions, then these gele styles for Nigerian brides will wow you because there are made particularly for traditional marriages, weddings, birthdays, chieftaincy title festivities, and other extraordinary event festivities.

Hand crafted aso-oke geles are made to the determination of the purchaser. The plan, texture consistency and shading are continued in detail. The outcome is generally a mix of bright prints and examples. These bright print textures are then used to make the Gele and Shawl (that wraps over the shoulder, or around the abdomen), or into the total outfit which comprises of the Gele, Shawl, Buba, and Wrapper. The cost of a uniquely crafted gele is generally in excess of an easygoing gele.

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