Best Wedding Dresses for Nigerian Women

wedding dresses for Nigerian women

We have compiled the best wedding dresses for Nigerian women in this piece. Nigerian weddings are known for their beauty, cultural richness, and vibrant celebrations and one of the most interesting aspects of these weddings is the spectacular selection of traditional Nigerian wedding dresses. Latest Wedding Dresses for Nigerian Women From the complex detailing to

Latest Wedding Trends for Brides

latest wedding trends 2023

What is the scoop for 2023 latest wedding trends? If you are in search for inspiration for your 2023/2024 wedding, you have come to the right place. We have compiled the latest wedding trends you would not want to miss out on here for you. Lovely Wedding Ideas for Brides Every year, the GWS editors

12 Top Fashionable Wedding Trends

top fashionable wedding trends

In this article are top fashionable wedding trends for you this season. We believe that a modern style wedding dress will never go out of trend. But keeping it simple means you will have a timeless piece that will never go out of fashion. Take a look at some top fashionable wedding trends all full

Latest Bridal Train Outfit Ideas

Bridal Train Outfit ideas

We are excited to share these latest bridal train outfit ideas with you on these article. From chic and modest to beaded and bold, here are adorable bridesmaid dresses you are bound to love. A Scroll down will definitely be of help to undecided brides to be in making the right choice of their train’s

18 Beautiful Nigerian Wedding Gown Styles

Nigerian wedding gown styles

Are you looking for the best Nigerian wedding gown styles? then you are at the right place. This post features our pick on the latest Nigerian bride gown styles you should see. As the bride, even the slightest detail is important, you should and will be the center of attraction on that day, and you

11 Inspiring Wedding Shoes for Brides

wedding shoes ideas for ladies

We’ve found the latest wedding shoes for every bridal style and venue. To help narrow down the abundance of options available, look to your wedding dress and venue for inspiration. Bridal shoes are a very crucial part of your wedding day, they are supposed to look good and provide you with enough comfort. Bridal shoes

15+ Latest Bridesmaid Dresses for Wedding

bridesmaid dresses for wedding

Very likely having different stunning bridesmaid dresses for wedding, bridal styles adds a lot of concealing to a wedding capacity. Though most bridesmaids will agree to a woman of great importance’s choice of style for them, it is reasonable to pick something sharp that they can at present shake even after the wedding especially if

Trending Gele Styles for Nigerian Brides

The Gele (African head wrap) goes back to hundreds of years prior. In those days, it was an image of riches, any lady wearing it would as a rule hail from a renowned family. The headwrap ‘gele’ turns a ‘invisible girl’ to an African princess in a flash. In this article we’ll show you the