17 Most beautiful wedding hairstyles in 2020 for soon-to-be brides

Planning and preparing for a wedding is such a special and memorable time that’s filled with excitement and lots of decisions. Wedding hairstyles would be one of the most important thing to consider. You have finally sorted many things out – like the wedding venue, the perfect wedding dress, invitations, and you are left with choosing the most beautiful wedding hairstyle for the big day. You will always remember your wedding, so you sure want to have one of the best beautiful wedding hairstyles in 2020 for the big day.

When it is some months or weeks to your wedding day, you may need to sample different wedding hairstyles before finding the perfect one if you have enough time. However, if you don’t have enough time up your sleeve, then you must move fast to choose the best and beautiful wedding hairstyle for you based on recommendations of fashionistas and stylists.

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There are diverse styles to choose from, however, you must keep in mind the weather for the day, your wedding dress neckline, and most importantly, your comfort. We have highlighted some of Nigerian and African best and most beautiful wedding hairstyles in 2020, to guide you through.

Most Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles in 2020

Natural wedding hairstyles: The recent trending love for natural hair in Nigeria has brought about an increase in ladies rocking their natural hair for their wedding. The trending natural hair movement being enjoyed by many ladies has increased the popularity of many Nigerian and African ladies getting married in their natural hair. Fortunately, ladies have a wide array of beautiful wedding hairstyles to choose from, thanks to natural black hair. 

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Bride natural hair

High bun hairstyles

The bridal high bun hairstyle is mildly dramatic and everly cute on ladies. Are you thinking of standing tall and elegant on your wedding day with beautiful wedding hairstyles? The high bun bridal hairstyle is the perfect crown to wear for the big day.

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Bride with high bun hairstyle

Low bun wedding hairstyle

The low bun is a classic and beautiful wedding hairstyle for beautiful and elegant ladies. Are you confident of your beauty without any apologies? Then, the low bun wedding hairstyle is a perfect buddy. It is easy, elegant, beautiful, and doesn’t require much of your time. You can’t definitely go wrong with a low bun as your wedding hairstyle. 

Floral Wedding pieces

Floral wedding piece is a feminine wedding hairstyle that helps glorify ladies for their big day. These hair pieces can elevate any wedding hairstyle from plain to pretty. In Nigeria, some brides make use of fresh flowers, while some use floral hair pieces. In short, the end result is always elegant – if that’s what you need.

Bridal shoot with beautiful hairstyle

Bejeweled Wedding Hair Pieces

Whenever wedding hairstyles are made with jewels, there’s an extra touch of class and royalty. Wedding hairstyles for Nigerian or Africans can be spiced up with jeweled wedding hair accessories like combs and hairpieces, tiaras, and even matching earrings.

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Bride with curly hair style

Colorful Wedding Hairstyles

Bridal hairstyles are mostly designed and made to blend with the bride’s natural hair color. However, when you are thinking of going the extra mile and standing out, you can choose hairstyles with bold colors. It is pretty and glamorous.

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Bridal shoot with colorful hair style

Braided Wedding Hairstyles

If you don’t like too much stress, or something totally different that you are unused to, you can decide to shoot for braided wedding hairstyles. Wedding hairstyles with box braids are always cute and comfy.

Half up half down wedding hairstyles

If you are not so interested in up do for your wedding, you should consider the half up half down style. It sure makes your hair fall in a long, beautiful and graceful cascade.

Bridal shoot - bride with curly hair style

Traditional Wedding hairstyles

Traditional weddings are meant to be colorful, exciting and graceful. However, nothing should outshine the bride. This is why a gorgeous traditional wedding hairstyle is a must for any bride at her traditional wedding. It is the starting point of calling for the necessary attention.

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