15 Latest Bob Braid Hairstyles

Bob braid hairstyles can be styled in so many ways and take quicker to install than standard long box braids. Give these cute protective styles one look and you’ll wonder why you didn’t try them sooner. Because it is a protective style, you should have your bob braids in for 8 – 10 weeks. However, having them in for any period longer than can cause hair breakage or your hair pulling out from its roots.

Bob braid hairstyles

Bob braids Hairstyles for Ladies

In this article, we will be sharing all you need to know about bob braids and some gorgeous bob braids hairstyles you can try.

Bob Braids
Bob braid hairstyles
side parting bob braid

Short Bob Braids

Secondly, short bob braids look gorgeous and thirdly, even though they do not need any styling, you can style them in various styles if you need to.

center parting bob braid hairstyles
Bob braid hairstyles for ladies

Bob Braid Hairstyles Pictures

The bob braid hairstyles pictures stop the most traditional protecting haircuts for lots of ideas. Firstly, it is ideal for girls who do not have time to style their hair for hours every morning.

Bob braids hairstyles

Braided Bob Hairstyles for Black Hair

These braided bob hairstyles for black hair might be making a comeback; and why not? These cute short braids can be rocked for work, formal events, date nights, or a casual evening out with friends

Bob braid hairstyles for ladies

Medium Bob Braid Hairstyles

Now medium bob braids hairstyles are even more productive there are loads of excellent ideas to enhance them and freshen up the entire look.

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Bob braided hairstyles
Bob braids with beads

They also look fabulous with caps and beanies! Box braids in a bob look so much like natural locks.