20 Amazing Locs Braid Styles for Men and Women

Locs braid styles are a protective hairstyle created by wrapping synthetic or real human hair around natural hair. It can be used on transitioning, relaxed, or natural hair, and requires very low commitment and upkeep since this style can go up to 8 weeks. You can also make your look unique and glammed up by putting hair accessories like strings and beads and using dyed hair for a totally gorgeous result.

locs braid styles

Braid your locs in sections, rather than trying to plait the individual ropes of hair. Looking for inspo? We’ve collected some of the cutest and coolest locs styles below for your convenience! Check ‘em out below.

locs braids for ladies
latest locs braids for 2022

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Locs Braid Styles for Women

These locs braid styles are versatile, fun and generally fabulous plus anyone can wear them that’s why locs is really kind of fantastic. Locs have a long, rich history and the culture attached to them is beautiful. Fake locs allow practically everyone to experiment with dreadlocks and braids of all different styles, textures, lengths, and colors.

locs braid styles for women
Knotless locs braid styles
knotless locs braid
center parting faux locs
locs braid styles

There are so many locs braid styles you could wear differently every day for a year but you should start with these sizzling collections and see where they may take you. It’s also perfect for a special occasion like a wedding because it has a feminine feel to it.

Locs Braid for Men

locs braid styles for men
locs braids for men

For natural hair, they are considered a protective style because they don’t require any chemicals to create. They also help the hair retain moisture, and don’t put too much stress on the scalp. Dreads require lots of patience as they can take years to be fully complete. If you can’t wait that long, then try faux locs.