Beautiful Traditional Wedding Attires of Different Tribes in Nigeria

Youstylez collections has compiled a collection of stunning traditional wedding attires of different tribes in Nigeria to inspire you. Weddings are a vital part of Nigerian traditions and each culture or tribe has its own peculiar way of celebrating a wedding as well as attires. Whether you are Igbo, Ijaw, Igala, Yoruba, Hausa, Efik/Ibibio, Fulani, Edo, Tiv et.

Traditional Wedding Attires of Different Tribes in Nigeria

These first traditional wedding attires are from beautiful Hausa traditional marriage. There are a lot of wonderful aspects of Hausa traditional wedding attires that no wonder everyone loves it. Hausa traditional wedding bring us to embrace the creativity of fashion designers who have gone out of their ways to create styles like these outfits.

The body of the bride is traditionally decorated in lalli, an art that is enviable around the world. Hausa brides also wear veils and gels that usually appear in beautiful colours, nice African prints and ornaments, while the groom is elegantly dressed in a flowing agbada.

However, a very important part of the traditional wedding is the bride’s attire. Every bride wants to look amazingly stunning on their big day. The Igbos in particular are well known for their beautifully coloured blouse and doubled wrappers as well and gorgeous bead necklaces and crowns that leaves guest drooling in amazement.

Looking into this off shoulder wine dress for an Igbo traditional wedding. Check out the stunning silver necklace and the head gear. Igbo traditional marriage attires are never really complete without a headgear or the beaded crown worn by brides.

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Furthermore, Yoruba traditional wedding is always a sight to behold from the expectants smiles of young men about to become husbands to the gleefully perfect faces of their brides.

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As you already know, Nigerian native styles come in various styles and are amazing. Each tribe has its own culture and traditions. And when it comes to the topic of traditional marriage attires, you can see that the Efik/Ibibio variant is one of the best. It is rather unique and looks very fashionable and gorgeous.

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The Fulani tribe rolls in with the bride’s attire consisting of a white cotton dress, with brightly-colored accents, and of course beaded bangles, earrings, and headbands around her neatly-braided hair. Sometimes they wear large gold jewelry and artsy headpieces. The body of a bride is decorated with henna drawings.

Check out this elegant Edo traditional wedding dress for brides and groom. Edo traditional wedding attires is one of the most beautiful in Nigeria. When you think about Edo traditional Wedding attires, think of a beautiful woman wearing numerous traditional beads on her neck and head. Edo brides are beautiful and they have a unique way of using several beads that give them that stunning look at their traditional wedding. 

Another major part of Edo traditional wedding attire is the wrapper tied around the bride’s chest. This could be made of any material. The common ones are velvet, George and even lace fabrics. If you are an Edo bride-to-be looking for elegant ways to style your wedding attire, then you at the right place.

Would you like to see some interesting pictures of Ijaw traditional marriage attires? Modern fashion influences Nigerian clothing. Local designers follow the latest trends when creating their Nigerian native wears, and still, many tribes follow their own traditions and wear traditional attires for different occasions.

The predominant colors of the traditional marriage in Igala Land are yellow, black, green and white. Black and yellow colors symbolize fertility of a couple. Green is a traditional color not only for Igala people but also for the whole Africa. It usually means peace and harmony. White color stands for purity. Igala traditional wedding attire can`t be without stripes and Igala Achi. This Igala Achi is a traditional cap of Igala people.

Like the Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa tribes, the Tivs have rich unique traditional marriage rites. Their marriages are usually colourful and full of life. The Tivs traditional wedding attire is known as; A’nger or A’nger U Tiv which means; white and black stripes. If you’re a Tiv bride or groom looking for traditional wedding attire inspiration, these blazing hot styles will leave you speechless.

As a Tiv bride, you can wear the henna on your hands to reflect your deep-rich traditions and culture. The groom can wear a complete A’nger U Tiv or wear it in the Agbada form. To match the groom, the bride’s wrapper, gele and extra wrapper make them set for a proper Tiv traditional marriage.