See Happiness and Ikenna Love Story before They tied the Knot

It’s not only amusing to realize that you and the adoration for your life have a similar last name. Well Happiness and her eternity love, Ikenna share a similar last name as well as a profound love for one another that can be halted. Subsequent to meeting at in July 2015 and proposing in 2018 just to be halted by Happiness’ dad. In 2020, their affection did at long last vanquish all and he gave his endorsement. Presently they are joyfully hitched! Check out these Happiness and Ikenna Love story

Happiness and Ikenna's Love Story

Here’s the means by which Happiness and Ikenna Love Story by Happiness:

My name is Happiness Ugwu and my life partner’s name is Ikenna Ugwu. Definitely, we have a similar last name however aren’t related?. I met him in July 2015 at his auntie’s entombment – his cousin was my sister’s flat mate. The second I saw him I realized I planned to date him. He just completed his military preparing. So he wasn’t excessively fine at that point. In any case, there was only something about him that made me like him. So we traded contacts, he asked me out and we began dating. In any case, it was a significant distance relationship since he was presented on Kaduna and I remain in Enugu. We did a ton of heading out to be with one another.

Happiness and Ikenna's Love Story

In 2018 he requested that I wed him and I said YES!!! Yet, my Dad said NO!! His explanation was that I was excessively youthful and in 200 level at that point. We were both devastated and tragic reason we were not terrible, but not great either enamored. He said he will sit tight for me at whatever point my Dad gives his endorsement. So we kept dating. It was difficult however, on the grounds that we had such countless issues yet it didn’t destroy us as our adoration is more noteworthy than any issue. So quick forward to 2020 my father at long last gave his endorsement and now I’m getting hitched to the outright love of my life in half a month! ??????Love will consistently vanquish all.

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