20 Incredible Pleated Skirts Outfit Ideas to Try Now

Hello, Beautiful Fashionistas! Today’s post is dedicated to show the favorite and best ways to wear pleated skirts outfit ideas. This beautiful clothing piece is originally associated with school uniforms. In today’s fashion world it can be worn for a variety of occasions, starting from casual to dressy styles. Thanks to its clean-cut look and pleats that hold the skirt in place, this beautiful garment is versatile enough to match your stylish ensembles. If you want to see best ways how to wear this beautiful skirt, then you are welcome to look through this street style compilation. Don’t forget to tell us what are your favorite looks and why.

Before you buy pleated skirts, you should keep in mind your body shape. Why? Pleats may add a bulky look that will look better on girls with thinner bodies. If you are apple or pear-shaped woman, then you better wear those pleated styles that prevent attention from being drawn to the bottom half of your body. Speaking of pleated skirts, then wide pleats are more casual, while knife-pleated styles are ideal for formal events. Of course, there are lots of other amazing pleats for choose from, starting with accordion pleats to cartridge pleats to dramatic and polished ones.

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Pleated Skirts Simple Outfit Ideas to Try Now

Even if you choose skirts with wide pleats, be sure these bottoms will make you look dressy. In other words saying, be creative and think of original outfits. We love to see ladies who appear on the streets wearing these bottoms styled with turtlenecks, denim jackets, tank tops, crop tops, sweaters, chambray shirts, etc. You can create Parisian chic inspired looks, by teaming striped long-sleeve tops with black pleated skirts and black opaque tights and black pumps.

Another great way to make your pleated skirts look awesome is to dress them up with sporty garments. For instance, show off your athletic vibe by adding crop tops, tennis shirts, baseball caps, sneakers, tennis shirts, etc. If you are one of those who wants to add some edgy touch, then how about adding leather jacket? This outerwear garment will surely make you look voguish, fashion-forward and very special.

If you don’t want your skirt to be attention-grabbing, then keep all your clothes in the same hue, so that every piece harmonizes each other. If you want to wear pleated skirts to work, then be careful when pairing it with buttoned shirt. To avoid such look, you should skip typical colors what were used in your school uniform (navy, white, black, brown). Choose longer length skirts and keep your overall look classy and grown-up. Keep your outfit look original and modern. Look for beautiful details and prints that can make a real statement on the streets.

If you are lucky to be tall and slim, then you should try simple combos, like pleated skirts (maxi) styled with a simple tank top or shirt. Believe us; the result is going to look angelic and sweet. The last but not least thing is that you shouldn’t overload your outfit with all those bright and chunky accessories and jewelry. Keep things simple and ladylike.

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Keep it classy, office-inspired. If you want to look awesome during working hours.

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