Best Fan Gele Styles for Women

Are you looking for the best fan gele styles on the internet today? Look no more, here is the right place for you. Gone are the days of simple, easy going gele styles. Recently, the styles are becoming more intricate and fancy.

fan gele styles

Apart from makeup, tying your gele is one problem so many women face. These days we have new and trending gele styles and the fun part of those gele styles are most of them are very easy to tie if carefully practiced.

latest fan gele styles
asoebi fan gele styles
different styles of gele

Here are the latest fan gele styles and whether you are a bride or just looking for style ideas for your next gele hair tie you will surely find your style amongst these amazing styles we have compiled. Have you taken note of the creativity ladies put into their gele styles these days? They are no longer taking things easy so you shouldn’t too.

fan gele styles for asoebi
matching fan gele style with asoebi

Nevertheless, these fancy fan gele styles can be achieved with ankara, aso oke, sego, silk and satin materials. Gele hair wraps are the Nigerian traditional hair tie women wear to weddings, churches, parties and any other occasions.

No Nigerian event or wedding can one go without seeing the women elegantly dressed in their colorful hair ties. Gele comes in different forms, styles, colors, and sizes. Gele is glamorous, brings the wow factor, and elevates a woman’s traditional outfit.

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With these amazing fan gele styles you won’t look boring or regular. A gele professional can wrap and tie various shapes and textures into the design and is the best to tie the fan style.