10+ Beautiful Family Portrait Ideas

Great family portrait ideas never go out of style. The fashion styles from your old family photos may be dated, or one of your family photo shoots may have produced some hilariously lovely results.

Family Portrait Ideas and Styles

Here are some ideas on how to use clothing to make your family portrait ideas more attractive and interesting.

Wear complementary outfits: If a family wears outfits that match exactly, it can end up looking like they’re dressed in uniforms and kind of weird. But choosing outfits that complement each other and just stick to the same color scheme has a very charming look.  

Wear opposite outfits: You can also go the opposite route and have family members wear outfits that are very different. Whether that’s different colors, styles, or formal vs. casual clothing, this contrasting look can create a more vivid family portrait.

Family Picture Poses

These tips will help everyone strike the right pose for a cute family portrait ideas.

Make the baby the center of attention: If the family has a newborn, try putting the baby near the center and having the rest of the family focus their attention on the baby. For more on shooting little ones, take a peek at out our newborn photography guide.

Make ‘em smooch: Have the parents share a kiss while the kids make a fun pose such as peeking around a corner, covering their eyes, or making grossed-out faces.

Cuddle up: The more physical contact there is between family members, the more the closeness of their relationship will come across in family photos. So don’t be afraid to urge family members to get a little bit closer, hold hands, or gather up for a group hug.

Make the shoot action-packed: One great way to avoid stuffiness in your family portraits is to take lots of action shots. Get your family to run, jump, play, whatever. As long as it is captured in the middle of an action, it will make your portraits much more interesting than a standard pose.

No matter what creative family portrait ideas you have in mind, they’ll turn out much better if you can capture candid moments as opposed to staging every shot. Candid shots will look much more natural. You can usually tell when a photo captures a genuine moment, and it makes it much more engaging.

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