15 Beautiful Box Braids Hairstyles for Women

Out of the relative multitude of defensive haircuts Black women cycle through, box braids hairstyles are likely perhaps the most famous. In addition to the fact that they are too snappy, however they allow us to offer our hair a reprieve.

box braids hairstyles

The traditional African black braided hairstyles rose in fame stateside almost thirty years ago, characterizing a period of famous dark TV, motion pictures, and music. Think Jada Pinkett (pre-Smith), Poetic Justice-period Janet Jackson, and Brandy as Moesha Mitchell. In 2020, box braids hairstyles are the ideal answer for shaking a defensive style while adding a lot of length — you know, just to have a little something to toss behind you.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, we’ve rounded up some of the beautiful box braids hairstyles for you to consider. Fair warning though; It will be hard to choose just one. Scroll on through some of our favorites. 

Bob Box Braids

bob box hairstyles

Small Box Braids

Box Braids with Pearls

box braids with pearls

Mini Blonde Braided Hair

mini blonde braids

Braided Buns

braided buns

Under Cut Box Braids

under cut box braids

Short Braids with Beads

short braids

Space Buns

space buns

Long Box Braids

Sunrise Braids

Current emphasis finished with beads, metallic string, or brilliant features will blow some people’s minds, and plain stout braids still give low-upkeep charm. Worn out on braids and pony tails? waist length box braids are a rich and elegant styles with a culture filled history.