2020 Latest Asoebi Styles for Wedding Guest

Hello Beautiful Ladies, what are we wearing for the weddings this weekend? we have decided to show you some of our Asoebi styles for wedding guests, Because We got a couple of weddings to attend this month as wedding guests and It does not matter the part of the world we are heading to for a wedding, with some of these Asoebi styles for wedding we can make a difference.

Asoebi styles for wedding
asoebi styles for wedding

As we know Asoebi style is the Nigerian tradition to wear a common family print. It’s worn to weddings, birthdays and even funerals and so on. Sometimes it’s also spelled Asoebi. In Yoruba a part “aso” is a cloth and “ebi” is a family. It’s predominantly used in Nigeria and some other West African countries. Nigerians can wear Asoebi styles to show their belonging to some group during social occasions: age or gender group, relatives or friends. It helps to demonstrate a solidarity with a larger group.


Saturdays are for weddings and we believe you can take advantage of some of these Asoebi styles for wedding.  There is one way to make your Asoebi style make the loudest noise in societal weddings; get a style that is breathtaking, beautiful and unique.

Most of the time, some of us end up dressing similarly to some guests we are just meeting the first time. The simple way to curb this is by dressing to impress with great Asoebi styles. You don’t have to spend a lot of money trying to dress like someone else. With a good designer, there is no Asoebi styles for wedding guests that cannot be replicated.

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At many Nigerian weddings, friends, and family of the celebrants are required to show solidarity, or better still, identity their closeness to the bride and groom by wearing outfits (Asoebi styles for wedding) in coordinated fabrics and colours. Every stylish Nigerian or African woman tailored or couture outfits because she just wants her own dress to look different for the mass-produced ready to wear outfits.

Imagine how a gathering would look like if every guest was wearing the exact, same fabric and all sewn in a similar design, that is why female Nigerian wedding guests are always looking for new dress styles and latest fashion ideas in order to stand out in the midst of wedding guests wearing all Asoebi styles.

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Asoebi styles for wedding guests never stop to come back up in our lives. Hardly can you see any Nigerian lady who has not rocked an Asoebi vogue at some point for an occasion. For that reason alone, Asoebi styles for wedding has continued to evolve from the merely simple styles to a lot of beautiful, classic and stylish styles.

The Fashion industry gives eyes popping next level evolving Asoebi styles that are party-worthy every time. We are committed to making you a trendsetter on the latest Asoebi styles for wedding guests that are event worthy. We hope you can get some amazing and stunning styles from here and come up with your own creative styles