Ankara Dresses with Flounce for Women

For the most ladylike and heartfelt qualities, in each season fashion designers make Ankara dresses with flounce. Nowadays, flounce are huge and sculptural. They can be all over – on the collar, shoulder, fix, and sleeves. They make contemporary shocking Ankara styles for outfits, remembering various styles and needs of our women.

Ankara dresses with flounce

As planners or style sweethearts we should be comfortable with design terms to more readily communicate to our tailors ,clients or fashioners. They create contemporary stunning Ankara dresses with flounce, keeping in mind different styles and needs of our ladies

What is Flounce?

According to Wikipedia ,The term flounce is a particular type of fabric manipulation that creates a similar look like ruffles or frills but with less bulk. The term derives from earlier terms of frounce or fronce. A wavy effect is achieved without gathers or pleats by cutting a curved strip of fabric and applying the inner or shorter edge to the garment. The depth of the curve as well as the width of the fabric determines the depth of the flounce .flounces remained a fashionable form of trim, off-and-on into modern times. So in a lay man’s language it is another word for flare. It can be added to any part of a dress.

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So the following time you visit your fashion designer make certain to utilize the term flounce to clarify such styles as found in the photos below

Latest Ankara Dresses with Flounce

ankara dresses with flounce
Ankara dresses with flounce

Short Dresses with Flounce

short dresses with flounce

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short dresses with flounce
short dresses with flounce

Asoebi Gowns with Flounce

Asoebi gowns with flounce
asoebi gown with flounce