44 year old Nigerian woman delivers a baby boy after 9 years of childlessness (photos)

44 year old Nigerian woman, Mrs Ohiwe-ei Unuigbe, situated in South Africa has invited her first kid with spouse following 9 years of marriage and childlessness.

44 year old nigerian woman

Mrs Unigbe got married when she was 35 years of age and her better half, 39. This was additionally after her parents made her reject her previous admirer, a clinical specialist who monetarily saw her through college since he was an ‘osu’ (outcast).

Mrs Unuigbe’s significant other shared his testimony about how he and his better half were delivered after they did restitution.

My birthday testimony

“Today is my birthday, February 14th 2017. I might want to affirm of the supernatural occurrence God did in my family not long before this day. Early October a year ago, my wife and I had our first infant, a kid. His names are Ovbioise Chukwuemezikam Unuigbe. I had kept this declaration until now. There are various perspectives to it.

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a baby boy

We sat tight for a very long time after marriage. We wedded in 2007 when I was 39 and my wife(the 44 year old Nigerian Woman) was 35. Clearly, we didn’t wed as right on time as we would both need to because of mistakes brought about by conditions, including ignorance.

Join me to praise the arrival of our first child, an extraordinary blessing from God. This supplants and replaces my birthday festivity today.

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